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Global Connections Television Podcast

Bill Miller

Global Connections Television (GCTV), the only talk show of its type in the world, has featured a myriad of guests ranging from leaders at the UN to the private sector to academics to non-governmental organizations.
Dr. Chantal Line Carpentier: UN Conference on Trade and DevelopmentJuly 12, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Alice Mah: “Plastic Unlimited: How Corporations Are Fueling the Ecological Crisis and What We Can Do About It”July 11, 2022 Episode artwork Brigadier General Peter B. Zwack: “Swimming the Volga” July 10, 2022 Episode artwork Yasmine Sherif: Director, United Nations Education Cannot Wait ProgramJune 28, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Kevin Gallagher: “The Case for a New Bretton Woods: Reforming Global Economic Governance for Prosperity and the Planet”June 13, 2022 Episode artwork Ambassador Carey Cavanaugh: “State of World Update Re: Conflict Resolution, Nuclear Arms, Ukraine and the United Nations”June 07, 2022 Episode artwork Andrew Hudson: UN Development Program on Water and OceansJune 07, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Daniel J. Pesut: “Role of Nursing in Creating a Better World”May 13, 2022 Episode artwork --Aaron S. Williams: Author: “ A Life Unimagined”: The Rewards of Mission-Driven Service in the Peace Corps and Beyond”May 13, 2022 Episode artwork Paula Caballero, Author: “Redefining Development: The Extraordinary Genesis of the Sustainable Development Goals” May 13, 2022 Episode artwork Louis Charbonneau: United Nations Director at Human Rights WatchMay 13, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. John B. Cobb Jr: American theologian, philosopher, and environmentalistMay 11, 2022 Episode artwork Steve Schlesinger, author: "Act of Creation: Founding of the United Nations”May 10, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Gregory O. Hall: “Examining US-China-Russia Foreign Relations: Great Power Politics in a Post-Obama Era“May 06, 2022 Episode artwork Eric Protzer, Author: “Reclaiming Populism: How Economic Fairness Can Win Back Disenchanted Voters”April 28, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. C. Fred Bergsten, Author: “The United States vs. China” April 28, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Elizabeth Economy, author: “The World According to China”April 28, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Jonathan Gosling: Author of “Deep Adaptation: Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos”April 28, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Ashok Gangadean: Philosopher and Director of the Global Dialogue Institute November 22, 2021 Episode artwork Carol Bellamy: former Director of the U.S. Peace Corps and past Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)November 15, 2021 Episode artwork John Seager: President and CEO of Population ConnectionNovember 08, 2021 Episode artwork Dr. Marie Pascale: “Living on the Edge: When Hard Times Become a Way of Life” November 01, 2021 Episode artwork Tom Osborne: “The Politics of War: My Ten-Year Journey with Peter Jennings”October 25, 2021 Episode artwork Dr. Raphie Kaplinsky: “Sustainable Futures: An Agenda for Action”October 18, 2021 Episode artwork John Hewko and Carol Spahn: Rotary and Peace Corps Peace WeekSeptember 20, 2021 Episode artwork